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Los Cabos, Mexico - Don Luis Bulnes, owner and founder of Solmar Hotels & Resorts, is a man of vision. After arriving to Los Cabos from Spain in 1955, Sr. Bulnes helped to establish one of the largest tuna packing plants in all of Latin America. After settling in Los Cabos and inspired by the natural beauty surrounding him, Sr. Bulnes purchased land from local ranchers in 1970 and in partnership with Luis Coppola Sr., built the Finisterra Hotel. A few years later, Sr. Bulnes sold his share in the property and built the Hotel Solmar on what many consider to be the best location in all Baja California - a pristine stretch of white sand beach with granite cliffs as a backdrop. Hotel Solmar quickly became famous for its captivating beauty and secluded luxury.

The Hotel Solmar opened with just 20 guestrooms and by 1979 had tripled in size to 60 rooms. In 1995, Sr. Bulnes invested five million dollars to upgrade the hotel into Solmar Suites. This renovation was not the typical "change the curtains and mattresses" remodel but a true top-to-bottom renovation that established the new Solmar Suites as the best hotel in Los Cabos. Along with elevating Solmar Suites to this elite status, Sr. Bulnes and his son Paco started Los Cabos' largest sport fishing fleet and pioneered scuba diving expeditions to the Socorro Islands.

Since building Hotel Solmar, Sr. Bulnes has continued constructing hotels and resorts that cater to the more discerning traveler looking for one-bedroom and condo style accommodations.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts is committed to maintain Sr. Bulnes original vision; a commitment that can be seen throughout Solmar Hotels & Resorts, from the friendly staff members and impeccable service to the loyal guests who return year after year.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts represents the very best of Los Cabos, offering guests unmatched accommodations, service, dining and experience.